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The database posts new fund raisings, additions of new investment team members, and new financings of portfolio companies. Get real-time news; Linkedin connections for investment partners; complete firm contact information; funds under management; portfolio companies with financing dates, profiles, and funding data; and much more.

Export the Database to Excel

Would you like to make contact with 21,000 individual VC/ PE partners? The Massinvestor Database contains 4,800 firms, 21,000 investment professionals, and 16,000 individual partner email addresses. With one click you can export the data to Excel, import to your favorite CRM app, and get cracking. Looking to make postal contact? Our spreadsheet has postal addresses lined up with every individual investment partner. Just set up a mail merge, and you're on your way.

Perform Filtered Searches

Do you need to narrow your search of investment firms? With our state-of-the-art filters, you can easily target the type of investors you're looking for. From tracking down Middle Market, Energy investors in Texas; to Seed Stage, Biotech investors in California; From Accelerators pursuing Digital Media startups, to New York-based Secondary Purchasers, the possibilities are endless. Once you've got your results, export just those firms to PDF and Excel.

Export the Database to PDF

Viewing information in a database can get tiring after awhile. If you're the kind of person who wants to get data off the screen and onto a printed page, we understand. With one click you can export the entire database, or a filtered portion of it, to PDF. Now the data will be formatted for easy reading. Click print, and you can turn the database into a printed book.

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